Becoming an instructor with Cam 2 Cam . . .

Cam 2 Cam Driving School offers a tailored training programme for anyone wishing to become an ADI or for those already qualified the opportunity to switch to an enterprising family run company. It is always best to give us a call to talk through the details but if you want an idea of what to expect please read on . . .

Train with us for only £500. We pay that investment back when you take our franchise*

For details on what you can earn and other useful
costings please fill out the form below and we
will send you the information.

Most companies offering a franchise agreement for ADI's are only a platform from which to launch your business, maybe a familiar name or logo to make people feel comfortable with picking up the phone and making a booking with you.

For most instructors this is a sensible arrangement and takes away the difficulty of establishing a business from scratch which can take a lot of time and money before you even start to earn anything back from your business.

With Cam 2 Cam Driving School we give you that platform to launch from but that is where the similarities end. We also maintain the level of contact needed in order to help you grow the business into your own business so you can be one of the proud people who can say "I own my own business" and most importantly "I am successful".

There is only one way to achieve this, and that is to put in what you want to get out of the business. We are a very successful driving school with one of the highest pass rates in the country and the most satisfied pupils out there which by itself is a great thing to be, but that is not the strongest benefit to our franchisees. The biggest assest you could exploit is our collective experience in business, in particular how to create and manage your enquiries so that you are always busy.


What you can expect from us . . .

- THE CAM 2 CAM BRAND - Access to the background, accountability, reputation and visibilty of the Cam 2 Cam brand which has been established for several years and carries enormous weight in the areas in which we operate.

- ORGANISED EVENTS - We will aid in the promotion of your business by organising events in your area designed purely to get you additional business. We will also place adverts in suitable press and promotion locations with your name on them so pupils can contact you directly. Have a look at our events page to see what kind of things we do.

- HELP & SUPPORT - Over the phone, or in person when you need it to answer any 'business' type queries or give you advice on how to manage your existing pupils and get new ones.

- PUPIL ENQUIRIES - A fair share of the enquiries made into the business are via 'group' channels such as facebook or the website. This will help fill up your diary most of the year and maybe all of your diary in the busy periods. Other gaps will be filled by referrals from your pupils and the events we hold.

- POINT-OF-SALE - The standard livery, t-shirts, business cards, fliers and so on you will need to promote your business. We design all our own publications so if you would like some artwork made up in a style you like we can do that too!

- THE CAR - Through a company we have dealt with for years in our previous careers as well as with Cam 2 Cam we can help get you the most competitively priced, sign-written vehicle. You can choose a variety of models, the only rule is that it must be white.



We will teach you how to grow your business and pass on our knowledge, this in invaluable and by far the most useful asset we could give you. We have all seen the 'consultancy culture' in businesses and how much it can cost for someone's experience and time. The idea to include the 'consultancy' benefit is exclusive to Cam 2 Cam you will not find this benefit with any other driving instructor franchise, we tried to find it when we started out only to find it didn't exist - so we created it.

We will show you how to turn one pupil into several by gaining effective referrals to their friends and families.

We will teach you how to stand out in a crowd without simply being the cheapest or the most available - pupils will want to wait to learn with you instead of a large faceless firm based on the experience you give them.

We will help sell you and your business to your community so you become THE driving instructor in your area the same way everyone knows the best plumber in their village.

This is all better explained in person so give us a call and we can meet you and explain face to face why we are the best choice for your new career.

If you would like to learn how much you can earn and how you will do that we have all that information ready to pass on.

*terms and conditions apply to the £500 training offer call for full details.

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