This is just a selection of the fantastic feedback we have had from our students

"I tried two other driving instructors before Martin, and none of them were a patch on him! Right from the start he was really patient, (even with my poor clutch control) and definitely the best teacher I've ever had. As if I needed more proof in addition to the good laughs and speedy progress, I passed my test FIRST TIME and with NO minors.
I would definitely recommend Martin and the Cam2Cam team to anyone wishing to learn, I couldn't have done it without them!

Massive thanks again Martin and I'm still recommending you like crazy!"

Hannah Szurek

"Martin guided me through driving from absolute beginner to first timer passer where I passed with no minors. From the first lesson he kept me at ease with what I was learning and never let me get out of my depth. His patience with me in learning some of the manoeuvres can only be described as saint like and he was always able to make sure that I didn’t panic. Martin was always extremely clear with what I needed to improve on and would always be more than willing to answer any questions I had regarding driving. In general conversation with Martin whilst out on the road he was always extremely friendly and conversation was never in short supply with the odd interruption to explain a hazard on the road.

As far as recommendations go I cannot give any higher in choosing Martin as a driving instructor as I found his attitude and service impeccable".

Ryan Milson

"I started learning to drive with Martin in May 2009 and passed my test in October 2009. I had one lesson per week most weeks and bit by bit it all came together. A lot of what we did was repetitive but that’s the only way to learn and get comfortable in the driver seat! Martin was always very patient and explained things clearly, sometimes even sketching manoeuvres for me so that I could visualise and understand them better. My advice to learner drivers would be to not rush it and to book your theory as soon as you are ready as you will need to wait up to 2 months to book your practical after that. I managed to get 50/50 by practicing on a CD rom at home so would highly recommend that. I also passed my practical test first time so Martin’s guidance was invaluable to me!".


"Hmmm Martin, Martin, Martinnn.... This guy is a legend!!
He was actually my THIRD driving instructor so i can actually compare him to others, and i definitely made the right decision.

Unlike before, I looked forward to driving lessons! He's a propa chilled out guy who you can have a laugh with as you learn (double whammy) and is very thorough in the way he teaches.
He also has a booklet with a check list of all the things you have to cover before your test which he marks after each lesson. This means you can see your progression and where your at with your driving which i found really useful (neither of my other instructors had this).
Another bonus with Martin is that when you pass your test, you get to have your photo taken standing by the car holding a 'L' plate...then put onto facebook for everyone to see!! haha! embarassing!!"

Soraya Campbell

"Martin was such a patient instructor, which really helped me build my confidence up on the road. Within the space of 6 months I had gone from knowing near enough nothing, to passing my test with only 3 minor driving faults :)...I say thats the sign of an amazing instructor"

Laura Ward

"Learning to drive with Martin was an absolute pleasure, he was extremely patient and very understanding. I had put off learning to drive for a long time due to a lack of confidence but Martin was very tolerant and calm when I made mistakes. Now 6 months on I have my own car and I love the independence that comes with driving.

Thanks for all your help!"

Helen Dickson

"Learning to drive with Martin was a positive experience from start to finish. Normally i can get quite stressed out when i'm learning something new... making mistakes or getting stuff wrong would usually leave me flustered but Martin was so calm and fun that he'd just make me laugh and then i'd be off again before i even noticed. His knowledge about the road is seemingly endless too and it really helped me to know that i was learning from a true expert. The balance of fun and hard work was spot on and every minute of every lesson was valuable. If you want to pass first time and have a great time while doing it then i can thoroughly recommend Cam2Cam".

Holly Dawson

"A testimonial having just passed my driving test with Martin :)

Martin was my first and only instructor - I got on so well with him from the start! He is so organised, punctual and reliable. He insists you're allowed to hit him, although does ask for it ... girls you know you're doing well if you get a "not bad for a girl...". Martin makes you feel safe, but at the same time makes you think for youself. I progressed so quickly and he knew how to prepare me with perfect timing for my test. Thanks Cam2Cam!!!!!"

Hattie Algar

"I started driving lessons in September 2011, a month after my birthday. Was very excited to get in the car and go, but definitely didn't think it would be as scary behind the wheel as it first was! Paulette coached me through the beginning stages, with my biggest problem being steering the wheel! We drove round in figures of 8s for me to get the hang of it. Soon after, I met my greatest enemy, roundabouts. Again, Paulette was brilliant and helped me through it the whole time. With her teaching and my accompanying animal noises (as I'm sure she'll be glad to tell you about) we made a pretty good team. I was so worried when taking my theory, but passed first time with the resources from Cam2Cam. I then went on to take my first practical test. In the first twenty seconds, I drove over a curb. Brilliant start! Nerves are not my thing! I sobbed as I got back into the car but Paulette reassured me that I would be able to nail it. She pushed me to try again, and I'm so glad she did. My second test I failed due to observation errors. Again I cried as I got back into the car, more from frustration, and I told Paulette I didn't want to do it again. Before trying my third test Martin took me on a mock test, and taught me to treat the test like a tennis game. Thank you so much, especially for telling me I could stop at any point and taught me how to breathe, as weird as that sounds! Paulette pushed and pushed me and I'm so glad she did because (after a run in with a few lucky ducks!) I passed third time. I danced around the parking lot, as you do, as I was so happy. Paulette was absolutely brilliant and supported me and guided me throughout my experience. I would advise anyone to go with Cam2Cam because you don't only gain a license, you gain a friend".

Ashleigh T

"I am writing this emil to provide feedback after having lessons with Owen.

I passed my driving test only after 11-12 lessons. I think I could not manage it without Owen. He showed real professionalism while teaching me how to drive right. He has been very accurate in his guidance, techniques and references. Also he is quite social person. And If I summarise, he actually boosted my confidence that made me to pass test with no hesitation. Now I feel after two months that I have been driving here from last 5 years.
Thank you for your help. I think my wife made the right choice for me to get driving lessons from you"

Muhammad Iqbal

"I had a very interesting learning experience with Martin who showed a great deal of professionalism and patience and who had an impressive knowledge about motoring. I believe I met my best driving instructor who helped me to become a proficient driver, passing my test first time".


"Martin was an extremely patient and experienced teacher. Very focussed, teaching you good techniques to ensure you feel comfortable in the car and safe on the road. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other students".

Nicki Dawidowski

Just wanted to let you know how brilliant Tom was in helping me pass my test. I couldn't have done it with anyone else, he was better than my London instructor who had 26 years experience!!! Very Happy.


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